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Free Amazon Gift Cards and Certificates

Amazon is one of the biggest and most popular places to shop online for a whole range of stuff. What's fantastic is that there are several websites that give you the chance to earn some Amazon gift card certificates effectively for free just for using them or for participating in a variety of actions on the sites. Check out the ideas and sites below and find out how you can get hold of Amazon gift certificates without having to pay for them directly.

How to earn free Amazon gift cards

Search your way to Amazon gift certificates

Swagbucks is a reward site which rewards you with its site currency, which also happens to be called 'swagbucks', when you use it as your search engine. It is a random process and each time you use the site search there is a chance you may earn some swagbucks. These swagbucks accumulate in your account until you earn enough to redeem them for an Amazon gift certificate. At the moment you need 849 swagbucks to earn a 5 gift certificate, which isn't bad at all for doing something you'd normally do everyday anyway!

We've found it takes around 2 months to earn enough swagbucks to grab one of the 5 Amazon e-vouchers, which again, we don't think is too bad, as that's 30 in free Amazon gift certificates every year just for using the Swagbucks search! If you want to reach your Swagbucks target sooner, there are many other ways to earn more swagbucks, such as completing the daily poll and daily surveys, watching videos, playing online games and undertaking site tasks. Plus you can refer friends and earn a proportion of what they earn. In our opinion this is a great site to get your Amazon e-vouchers for free!

Get Amazon rewards for your online searches

We all regularly search for things to buy online. Well, there's a simple and easy to use browser app that rewards you when you search for a wide range of different products and services.

It's called Qmee and you can earn cash simply for searching online with Google, Amazon, Ebay, Yahoo or Bing. Your normal search results are supplemented with Qmee ones and these have cash values attached to them. If one is of genuine interest, click it and that cash value is credited to your Qmee account. These cash payments accumulate and can be exchanged for Amazon gift cards once you reach 5 in search rewards.

Get Amazon gift certificates for shopping online

If you've found us, and you do a lot of shopping online, you'll probably know about cashback sites, online places where you can get money back or rewards for shopping online as you normally would do. Some of these cashback sites reward you with Amazon gift certificates:

Top Cashback is one of the most popular and rewarding free to join UK cashback sites. You get 100% cashback rates on your online shopping and if you take this cashback in the form of Amazon vouchers you get an extra 5% bonus on top of that!

Answer surveys to earn Amazon e-vouchers

If you are a fan of freebies and free stuff you'll probably have heard about paid surveys. These sites offer you free rewards for giving your opinion, usually using online quesitonnaires. Some of these sites reward you with Amazon vouchers, so in effect you're being rewarded for your time and opinions with free Amazon rewards. We've listed some of the best paid survey sites below where you can get your hands on Amazon rewards:

Win Amazon vouchers in competitions

Sometimes sites offer you the chance to win Amazon vouchers in their online competitions. We'll list those that we know of below: